day sixteen, 152 lbs

Hi friends! What a wonderful Tuesday!Quick recap, Sunday night was pretty amazing. You’d have to live under a rock not to know about Curiosity landing. I stayed up and watched the livestream from NASA and JPL and had a whale of a time. Hubby and puppy even sat with me during the seven minutes of terror. My poor heart was racing like crazy, just waiting for the news. I have always a love for learning, especially the planets. I blame Sailor Moon. Hubby and I started cheering when we got the news that Curiosity was safe and we eagerly waited, hoping against hope for pictures. I definitely cried a bit when I saw the thumbnails. Wow. Wow. It was so surreal, knowing that those pixels are from the surface of another planet. I was hoping for some Prothean ruins. A girl can dream, right?

Monday was EVENTFUL! Hubby had duty, so I was taking him to work in the wee hours of the morning (okay okay… seven am.) since we only have the one car right now. We chatted about adopting another doggie and decided we want to go look at the local humane societies and rescues this week. Hubby grew up with three Red Nose Pitbulls and he has wanted one of his own for years.

I was initially a little reluctant about having a pit. I’ve had cats my whole life and I was never much of a dog person. Plus, I was only vaguely aware of Pitbulls being “vicious” and wasn’t keen on them. But hubby encouraged me to look into it and told me all about growing up with his dogs. I’m a little nervous, but Pooch has definitely warmed me up to the idea. Pooch is *very* rambunctious and it can be difficult keeping up with him, especially when I have chores to do. A little sister might be just what he needs. I can see how having a buddy to play with would be really nice, especially once I start going to school. :]

Anyways, I dropped hubby off and headed home, running through my day in my head. Then some idiot decided to try and murder me. This van decided that, despite having a completely open right lane, the left lane was superior. The problem was, I was right next him, in the way. “What a bother” he must have thought, as he merged anyways. Luckily I slammed on the brakes and the car behind me was far enough away to brake themselves. I swerved a few times, and eventually got my car under control.

Holy. Shit. Balls. I was so angry and scared and surprised that I burst into equal parts tears and expletives.

The driver, who was wearing headphones while driving good god were you born in a barn?!, had the nerve to yell out his window at me. Luckily there was a semi up ahead and I drove behind him for the rest of the way home and it was stress free and safe and absolutely wonderful. I love truck drivers. They are the guardian angels of the road, gentleman (and gentleladies), scholars, champions of courtesy and safety. There’s something very soothing about going 50 behind an eighteen wheeler.

Breakfast, at least, wasn’t half as murderous. I started the day at 157 and though I really wanted to fast, my stomach pimp slapped me into action.

I attempted to make an omelette yesterday. It turned into scrambled eggs. I’m usually quite good at following directions, so when I saw this video I thought I would finally learn how to make an omelette. Surely, today was the day I would conquer this tricky dish.

It was not to be.

mmmm…. steak…

Alas, poor Omelette… I knew him well


Well, at least it was still pretty yummy. One day…

After breakfast, I piddled around, did a little bit of cleaning and played with my puppy. At three I went to a local coffee shop with my gal pal to catch up and hang out. We spent five hours in that shop, talking at length, exchanging book and comic recommendations and generally having a whale of a time. We talked about vaginas, titties, mental health and various life adventures. A pity she’s leaving in two weeks for Iowa. Ah, well, that’s what the interbutts is for, right?

Got home and played with Pooch for the rest of the night, because he was desperate for some love. Went on a walk. I use the word walk very loosely.. it was more running and trying to keep Pooch from getting underfoot.

Today has been a lot quieter thus far. I got up, made some sort of coffee shake from heaven (peanut butter, protein powder, heavy cream, cocoa powder, and coffee). It was pretty dope! Still, my stomach was being a little bitch and I was feeling a bit dizzy (!!!!!!!) so I’ve been snacking on some salted almonds, peanuts, and sunflower seeds. Feeling much better now. And drinking more water! I didn’t drink a single water bottle yesterday and I was feeling it this morning. Gosh, I can be such a dummy.

Probably going to skip lunch since I have been nomming on mixed nuts all morning. Not sure what dinner is tonight… I think we’re supposed to go to the mother-in-law’s apartment. I guess my defrosted bratwursts will have to wait another day. Whoopsie!

Happy eating!


About iamcalledwonder

I'm Wonder. I'm fancy, I'm a quasi-Expat. I have a corgi. I am trying to lose weight. I love bacon, music, my husband, tea, coffee and the colour orange. I'm a freshman at uni. I'm sure you're sick of all these sentences that start with "I".

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