day 38, 149

And it took me five days to update again. Ridiculous! I really need to get my act together.

Quick recap! Late on Friday, my husband and our Afganistan-returnee buddy went to Trapper’s sushi. This was a HUGE test of will power for me. I love sushi very dearly, and while sashimi is *good*, it doesn’t hold a candle to a proper roll.

But the low-carb gods smiled on me. Junior, a super special awesome broski chef, made me low-carb handrolls. I have no idea what the calorie counts were like–probably high, since they were filled with everything delicious. But I didn’t get sick, so I figure I did well. :] Now I can eat delicious things and not be yearning to cheat.
Saturday, hubby had duty and our buddy went to stay with family. I did chores and chatted with one of my besties. I didn’t really get *that* much cleaning done… I’m not much of a housewife, to be honest. Hubby is always trying to get me to do dishes as I’m cooking and I do alright… until after we eat. I’m like “ugh, I don’t want to clean the serving dishes or plates…” and then I banish them to the sink, where I pretend they don’t exist until morning. It drives him crazy. I just hate doing dishes. >.>

I had bacon and eggs for breakfast, because I was lazy. Dinner was some cheap steak done in butter with zucchini strips.

Cheap, simple, and delicious.

I threw some blackberries in Double Devon Cream and about died from nostalgia. It brings me back to teatime with my grandmas. I did get a bit misty-eyed as I nibbled away on my dessert. When I was growing up, the only way you could get all the weird English stuff was by going to the import store. It was a rather expensive treat. Now, I can find everything from branston pickle to marmite to proper tea leaves five minutes down the street at World Market.

Sunday was a pretty good day. Hubby came home and our buddy returned to bro out with us. We went to Silver City again (we really need to cut back on eating out…), where I was very pleased by the customer service. They adjusted all of my dishes to be friendly without a complaint and never let my coffee cup get less than half full. I had chicken covered in goat cheese, onions, with a side of green beans and a Caesar salad.
After lunch, we took Pooch back to Clear Creek trail. There were a lot of Jesusy types around, but they were giving out free water, energy drinks, and dog biscuits. Pooch ate three, the little fattie. ❤ We walked for about an hour and wore out the doggie like crazy. My little monster passed out on the sofa with me while the boys played with cigars and such. c:
Dinner was leftover cheap beef for the boys done in butter, while I had eggplant and salad with feta cheese and oil and vinegar and a side of zucchini and asparagus done in the oven. It was quite delicious. Now I’m out of veggies, though…

Eggplant is probably my favorite veggie in the whole wide world.

Salad! Olive oil, vinegar, feta cheese, pine nuts, and tomato. Yuuuuuuuum…

Which brings us to Monday! I had my coffee shake thing and made leftover pizza for hubby. He managed to get out of work for the morning, so we had a lovely time together before he had to go in. I got some more tidying done and played with Pooch. I had turkey burgers for lunch, with a can of tuna and some bacon, topped with tomatoes and sour cream. It was pretty good! I covered the whole plate in lime juice and snipped some cilantro and had a simply wonderful lunch.

I do love me some tuna fishes.

Dinner was a bit of a disaster… I underestimated the potency of some sea salt I had. The *idea* was good, but it all turned out rather inedible… hubby was so kind and ate his whole plate anyways, but he did have rice which balanced it out more. Still, it was a kind gesture. c:
I had made a Flognarde on a whim earlier in the evening, using blackberries and apples from my garden. I adapted the recipe from Gourmande in the Kitchen via reddit. I replaced the sugar with splenda. It turned out absolutely wonderful. We ate it cold, since my hubby has a weird hangup about warm fruit. I had a piece of 85% dark chocolate from Lindt covered in peanut butter to make up for my failed dinner. Satisfied, we cuddled and watched Memento with Pooch. What a ridiculous, but awesome, movie. Hubby bought a box collection of Christopher Nolan blu-rays and I am so glad he did. I would have never seen Insomnia if he hadn’t and my life would have been so much less kick-ass.

Almost done recapping!! Tuesday was a pretty rad day. I dropped hubby off, had some flognarde and my usual coffee shake. Was full until about 3 PM and realised I had forgotten to take my crazy pill. Oops. For my lunch, I made little mini meatzas on turkey burgers and bamboo-broccoli soup with chicken broth and salt.
While I was making this, I realised my can opener was in the car. On my way back in the house, Pooch got out.
The little fucker decided to run around the neighborhood for almost half an hour. I was trying desperately to catch him, without much luck. Eventually I got him back in the house. I was so cross! Luckily my food wasn’t *too* overcooked. Hubby got home shortly thereafter and played with Pooch to give me some peace and quiet while I ate.
I had my VA phone call yesterday and found out they think I’m still on active duty. Wtf, VA? Did they think I was active duty when I was filing my disability claim? I have to fax them a copy of my DD-214 today so I can get my housing allowance and my book stipend come September. Guess that means I’ll be making a trip out to the store today, so I might as well get some fresh veggies while I’m out. Ughhh, errands. Being a grown up is stupid.
Now for today! I’m had some leftover baked chicken and a coffee shake for breakfast. Hopefully it will keep me full until dinner time. Have to do more laundry and errands, and I’m thinking of taking Pooch back to Clear Creek for an hour long walk. Maybe if I wear him out, he’ll stop making bolts for freedom every time I open the door… So many things to do today! I better get started!

Until next time! Happy eating. ❤

Listening To: Momma Sed (Tandamonium Remix), Puscifer

Craving: Guacamole with Low Carb Chips

Fitspo: Gina Carano


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I'm Wonder. I'm fancy, I'm a quasi-Expat. I have a corgi. I am trying to lose weight. I love bacon, music, my husband, tea, coffee and the colour orange. I'm a freshman at uni. I'm sure you're sick of all these sentences that start with "I".

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