Day 121, 140 lbs

Well. I disappeared. That was my bad.


Good news! I haven’t fallen off the bandwagon. I plateaued at 143 for a while, but recently dropped to 140 where I have maintained for a few weeks. Measurements wise, I am now a 35-26-38 with a 22″ thigh. I wear a 28/30 (with 4% spandex, to be fair) at Urban Outfitters, or approximately a size six. Considering my starting measurements were 35/30/40 (didn’t measure thigh because I was dumb) and 170 lbs, I am feeling very pleased. Ideally, I want to lose 10 more lbs and reach a size 4, but I’m definitely much happier with my body right now. I still have a booty and my body is much leaner. I would like to start lifting weights again, but I keep finding excuses not to. I am planning a cheat day on Thanksgiving, so I will have to get my butt to the gym on Friday or Saturday to compensate.

I am doing relatively well in school. I changed majors because I realised I do not want to be an Engineer. I’m pursuing an English and Biology double degree with the goal of becoming a High School Teacher (much to my husbands disappointment… he wanted me to be his Sugar Momma… whoops).

We got another dog! A boxer/mastiff named Brock. He’s six months and 60 lbs. Gah. He’s the most lovable little boy ever, though. :] He and Poochie are best friends!


Bad news! I had a pretty bad manic episode in September and had to switch drugs. I’m presently on 50mg of Lamictal, which I am ramping up tomorrow to 100mg. It makes me spacey as shit and sometimes I just… lose time. It took a while to actually kick in and work, so I was really unstable for a while there. I’m feeling a lot more normal and in control now but it was a long time coming.


I’ll try to update with food recipes in the coming week. I’ve made some pretty incredible things in the past few months.




About iamcalledwonder

I'm Wonder. I'm fancy, I'm a quasi-Expat. I have a corgi. I am trying to lose weight. I love bacon, music, my husband, tea, coffee and the colour orange. I'm a freshman at uni. I'm sure you're sick of all these sentences that start with "I".

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