day 44, 148 lbs

Yet again, another delay. I blame my hubby. He had the weekend off and we ended up having loads of adventures. Ah, well, it was fun. c:

Thursday I ended up throwing a salad together for lunch. Baby spinach, oil and vinegar, feta, pine nuts, tomatos, and salami. Yuuuuum. I went and picked apples for an hour and brought a few dozen to my women’s group. I had an apple and was almost overwhelmed by the sweetness. Wow. So damn good. I had a slice of my flognarde as well.


I ended up going to Silver City after group for drinks and had their arugula salad for dinner. It was pretty awesome! It’s nice going out with girlfriends. [: I’m a very lucky lady.

Friday I sort of forgot to eat until hubby came home. I was busy cleaning and doing errands and then he called when I was about to start making lunch… then I skyped my friend for about two hours. Oopsie. I made No-Shell Taco Salad and my own Southwestern sauce for the topping. Ohemgee. So good. Recipe will be included at the end of this post. c: I had some more flognarde and finally got around to taking a photo!

The perfect keto dessert!

Saturday, hubby and I tried to sleep in. Pooch was being a little shit and apparently kept hubby up all night. I ended up putting Pooch outside and piddling on the internet while hubby snoozed.
In celebration of International Bacon Day, we nommed on bacon! I made hubby a mozzarella, bacon, tomato, and salami panini. I sliced tomatoes, then put salami slices, bacon, and a slize of mozz on top and broiled them for a few minutes. So delicious and filling!


We went to a friends house afterwards, where the boys played lots of Magic. I made Black Forest Cupcakes at their request. So much sugar… ick. The boys LOVED them, though. I ended up cooking dinner as well, because I’m so goddamn domestic. Our buddy bought some groceries and I made probably the best burgers of my life. Feta+eggs+parmesan+soy sauce+chili paste+paprika+minced garlic+salt&pepper all mixed in with ground beef… wow.
I mean, wooooooowww. My buddies grill sucks so some of them were a bit dark, but they were juicy, flavorful, and amazing. Oh em gee. I topped mine with provolone, tomato, and ate three patties. So good. ❤ I wish I had had my camera, because these patties were a work of art.
I spent the rest of the night playing Arkham City in 3D. Pretty awesome! I want this game in my life.

Sunday was a pretty quiet day. Hubby and I cuddled and looked at cute pictures on the internet until he got hungry. We picked up a pizza for him and I had leftover taco salad. I scraped off a slice and ate the toppings. Yumm… I do so miss pizza. Looks like I need to make a fake one!
Afterwards, hubby and I took Pooch to Clear Creek again. Pooch met a gorgeous Australian Shephard and had a rousing play session. The Aussie finally got Pooch to brave the water. What a mess! They chased each other and played for a good twenty minutes. It was wonderful! We came home and gave Poochie a bath and combed him out. He cuddled on my lap and fell asleep for a few hours. c: So cute. Pooch usually cuddles with hubby when he’s home, so I was a bit giddy that he was all over me. My little Poochito Burrito is such a sweetheart. ❤

Labor day was pretty good! Hubby had duty, but our buddy came down from Everett. He brought donuts. I thought I was tempted until I realised I could smell the sugar from three feet away. Iccccckkkkkkkyy. I had my coffee shake instead. c: We played with Pooch then ran some errands. I went thrifting and got quite a few awesome things! I’ll have to buy pants soon… trying to delay that for as long as possible.
We did some various shopping and ended up at a Mongolian BBQ for dinner. I made a couple of bowls filled with spinach, lamb, beef, pork, shrimp, broccoli, and various other veggies. No idea what the carb count was, but ketostix say I’m still good to go and I feel great.

Aww yeah, cellphone pic. I’m a classy lady.

As always, happy eating!

Listening to: Horizons – Puscifer

Craving: Coconut Noodle Phad Thai

Fitspo: Zoe Pablo Smith

Southwestern Sauce Recipe

1 C Mayo
1/2 C Sour Cream
1/2 Yellow onion, small, chopped
1 Tomato, medium, diced
1 T cilantro
1 T minced garlic
1/2 t cayenne pepper
1/2 t cumin
2 T Lime juice
2 t chili powder
2 t paprika
2 t red pepper flakes
1 splash Worcestershire sauce

1. Combine mayo and sour cream in food processor. Add onion and tomato. Process until it looks somewhat liquidy.

2. Add in everything else and process until it is pink and delicious.

3. Nom!


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I'm Wonder. I'm fancy, I'm a quasi-Expat. I have a corgi. I am trying to lose weight. I love bacon, music, my husband, tea, coffee and the colour orange. I'm a freshman at uni. I'm sure you're sick of all these sentences that start with "I".

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  1. I have your nominated blog for the Only Lovely Blog Award~ ❤ ❤


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