day twenty four, 151 lbs

Nearly a week has gone by since I even thought about my blog .Whoops! I got super, err, busy. Right. Busy.

…okay, I’m just lazy. So, recap time! Whee!

Friday night I had a gal-pal over for dinner and a movie. I made Sour Cream Pork Chops with grilled zucchini and onions. They turned out awesome! Sour Cream is such a useful, delicious item. It is probably my go-to for quick and easy dinners now. I had another one of my cupcakes, because I am a bad girl. ;D Then we went and saw The Dark Knight Rises. Gal-pal hadn’t seen it yet and we couldn’t have that. The movie was probably even better the second go round, to be honest. Probably because I didn’t have to pee through the last hour and a half.

The pork chops are there… I promise… they are just hiding under the veggies.

Daddy took some photos of us cuddling. :]

Saturday I had leftover porkchops and grilled zucchini with the hubby, which was okay. Pork chops are always so-so the second day. We kicked back and had a pretty lax day. We took Pooch on a couple of walks, hung out and played video games. We went to the mall and I picked up a copy of  How to Land an A330 Airbus (And Other Vital Skills for the Modern Man) by the ever delightful James May. It was a delightful read and extremely informative. I now know how to conquer and control the Isle of Wight, should the desire ever strike me. Brilliant. You should definitely read this book. You’re a poorer person for not owning it yet.

That evening I made turkey burgers. I had never made them, and I didn’t realise the patties would end up so thin! Still, they were quite yummy. Covered in pepper-jack cheese and served with a heaping Caesar salad with avocado on the side. I’ve only started enjoying avocado and guac quite recently, around February. My hubby’s LPO had a cookout and his wife made a truly sublime habanero guac. It was life changing. It showed me the errors of my ways and I have seen the light. Omnomnom.

I *promise* there is meat on this plate. I tend to hide it beneath huge piles of veggies. Don’t judge me.

Sunday, hubby and I took his sister and Pooch to Point-No-Point beach. Not a great beach, but it was okay. Pooch was a riot, digging holes and trying to eat sand. As soon as we would clean him up, he would start digging again. He wouldn’t go in the ocean, the wakes were too frightening. Poor baby. We had lunch at Red Robin, which was pretty good. I was tempted by the sweet potato fries, but I resisted. I had a California Chicken Sandwich without the bun and broccoli on the side. Hubby ordered fried zucchini and I was able to take the breading off and have a few pieces. Ohgodsodelicious.

I snacked on almonds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and pork rinds at the beach. For dinner, hubby and I finished off a summer sausage with some Happy Cow cheese and watched Top Gear. It was a rather lovely evening. :]

Unfortunately, I got my first sunburn of the season at the beach. My back was bright red and the backs of my legs and my face weren’t looking too great either. Monday hubby had duty and I started cleaning for my mum, who is arriving today. Then I got distracted and was hurting so I watched Alphas instead. Oops.

On Monday, I made a truly incredible Roasted Eggplant and Feta dip. The amount of smoke produced from broiling the eggplant was rather alarming, and I ended up blending the whole mix together, but it is a great recipe. Very yummy and filling. I ate it with beef jerky and pork rinds and felt like a weirdo. I had another one of my cupcakes, because I’m awesome like that. I didn’t take photos because I’m an idiot. Oops.

Tuesday was mostly chores. Hubby came home early and slept for pretty much most of the day… boo for the mid watch! I nibbled on more eggplant dip and had some coffee. Dinner was grilled pork chops and green beans. The green beans were okay, but I need to find  better sauce for them. Soy Sauce + mayo… not as amazing as I was lead to believe. Maybe just a lot of butter and some lemon juice next time?

But look! This time I was smarter and put the green beans on the plate instead of the meat. Admire those glistening pork chops. Yum.

I weighed in at 160 yesterday and got super discouraged. I thought I had been making progress! But I hadn’t been hydrating well so I made to sure to have almost two gallons of water yesterday.

It worked. Today I weighed in at 151. I finally broke my 152 lb mini-plateau! Progress! Sweet, sweet progress! A little belatedly, I took some measurements so I could track that instead. Not sure where I started, but I am at 35″-30″-40″. I would like to be 35/28/38 again, which should still preserve my badonk-a-donk but make me look more toned and shapely. I have definitely lost inches, though. I can take my shorts off without unzipping or unbuttoning them, and I have to wear them super low with a belt on the tightest notch. I need to go shopping soon!

I probably won’t update much for the next week, as my mum and sister are flying in today. We’ll be going to the beach, exploring Seattle, going to museums, drinking tea and catching up. I haven’t seen them in over a year now, so it will be nice to have them over. Hopefully my mum isn’t too disappointed in the monstrosity that is my lawn…

Happy eating! xoxo


About iamcalledwonder

I'm Wonder. I'm fancy, I'm a quasi-Expat. I have a corgi. I am trying to lose weight. I love bacon, music, my husband, tea, coffee and the colour orange. I'm a freshman at uni. I'm sure you're sick of all these sentences that start with "I".

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  1. seriously, they need to start putting intermissions back into movies if they’re going to make them 3 hours long.

    • I know! Give us a twenty minute bathroom and refill break. I refuse to get up and duck out to the loo when I’ve spent ten bucks on a ticket just to see the movie in the first place.


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